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How to Get Vouchers on Hay Day. Vouchers are special in-game currencies available in Hay Day that you can use to buy items that aren't usually bought by gold like pets and unique decorations. Hay Day Guide Hay Day Guide Fish Encyclopedia . ... with just 2 slots it would not be possible to keep up with the fishing spot cool down. ... we can get more coins, xp and most ... ‘Hay Day’ Strategy Guide: Tips & Tricks For Leveling ... 'Hay Day,' a farming simulator for iOS and Android created by the same developers behind Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale, is an easy game to get the hang of with a few tips and tricks for leveling up, figuring out the best way to get some serious coins, and the proper strategies for wheating and managing cream/sugar. Hay Day Wiki New Post has been published on http://www.haydaywiki.com/post-your-monday-mood-as-a-gif-in-the-comments/. Post your Monday mood as a GIF in the comments! Post your ...

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When your silo or barn runs out of room, you can sell things to get more room. ... up for sale for 1 coin, unadvertised, in the slot farthest to the right in his shop. Add me [SHARE] Facebook ID (The only way to get more RSS slots ... Would you please add me! I play Hayday everyday. I would like to add more friends so I can get more RSS... How many slots can you open in the roadside shop? - Supercell ...

Guide Hay Day 1.0.0 download - Today i will thare the best Hay Day Strategy Guide 2017 with you guys. Leveling up in Hay Day is done by catching XP…

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Hay Day Tips, Cheats, & Tricks - 2018 Update - Gazette Review Hay Day Tips, Cheats, & Tricks – 2018 Update. By. Bridget Rogers ... to get your item out. Hay Day Tips ... The Gazette Review is your daily news source covering everything from world news to ... Hay Day Tips, Cheats, & Tricks You Need to Win | Hay Day ... Hay Day Wiki, Strategy Guides,Tips and Tricks This website is the biggest Hay Day source on the web, where you can find the most Hay Day information and the best Hay Day guides. ... plant wheat and sell it at 1 to get more mats (silo and land expansion) and barn. ... to get your item out. Hay Day Tips. Save your diamonds (up to 90 for good ... How To Get More Saws In Hay Day Using This Quick Easy Way